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Oldest man in the world to undergo angioplasty

At the age of 108, Muniyappa, a resident of Ramasandra Village in Karnataka, successfully underwent Angioplasty and became the oldest man in the world reported to have undergone Coronary Angioplasty. He is now back to his normal life. Muniyappa was rushed to St Johns Medical College, Bangalore after he complained of severe chest pain breathlessness.


Dr Kiron Varghese and his team at the hospital did a thorough check up on him and diagnosed him as having a 90% block in the left anterior descending coronary artery and another 80% block in the left circumflex coronary artery. The doctors then consulted with Muniyappa and his relatives. They decided to go ahead with an Angioplasty.


The team, led by Dr. Kiron Varghese, Professor and Head of Cardiology performed an Angioplasty on Muniyappa on February 15. The hospital authorities later on reported that " the entire procedure went well and two platinum chromium drug eluting stents from Boston Scientific Company were implanted in his heart arteries". They also said that Muniyappa was doing well after the surgery and was already walking about as though nothing happened.


Till date, there is no published records of any person older than 104 to have undergone and Angioplasty in the world. Muniyappa, thus becomes the oldest person in the world for having undergone an Angioplasty at the age of 108. Dr. Kiron Varghese, later told the media that it was indeed a hard decision to go ahead with the surgery. The case was complicated and the age factor made it riskier.


Dr. Kiron also stated that "money was an issue for the family, so we doctors at the hospital decided to raise some funds for the surgery. However, one of his sons said that he had a medical insurance". Dr. Kiron is all happy when he finds his patient in good health after the surgery and is all excited to see him smile again.


Muniyappa has 6 children, the eldest daughter being 67. He has 12 grandchildren and 11 great grandchildren. His sons, later on told the press that Muniyappa follows a strict routine. He wakes up at 5.a.m and reads Bible. His diet is simple and consists of rice, sambar, fruits, milk, buttermilk and curd. See the Newspaper clippings below:

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